Catalog Management

Development of electronic catalogs according to BMEcat or ETIM

Flexible responses to client requirements - that is the desire of many manufacturers and dealers when it comes to putting together their electronic catalogs. These clients want electronic catalogs that comply with BMEcat or ETIM-standard, or with various classications such as eCl@ss or UN/SPSC.

In order to minimize these expenses and improve the data quality, Nexoma has created a tool called "Nexoma XS" which automatically creates catalogs using the data from each supplier that has also come to the party.

  • Automatic mapping also for attributes
  • Conversion in the format desired by the client.
  • Checking of the data quality
  • Support for BMEcat 1.2, BMEcat 2005, ETIM, EDIFACT, PRICAT, eCl@ss, DATANORM as well as popular CSV- and XML-catalog derivations, …
  • Individual search engine optimized catalogs
  • Client-specific ranges and prices
  • Links with enterprise resource planning systems and product information systems (PIM-solutions)
  • Workflow connections to internal and external systems
  • flexible import-tool for Magento Commerce

Nexoma XS offers the possibility to serve each client on a fully individualized basis but still automatically. Each client gets an electronic product catalog tailored to both them and their system.

Client-specific conditions and the respective ranges agreed with the clients are of course also referred to.

"The technology that we have installed enable the fast processing of even new individual requirements and can process really big amounts of data - 1 million products - quickly", these are the words of Nexoma Managing Director Guido Sauerland.

Nexoma XS is based on Standard-XML-technology and is short for "Nexoma XML Stream". It has already been successfully used by Nexoma in various projects. In addition to that, the standard technologies such as XQuery and OpenSource-Tools such as the XML-database BaseX are optimally combined.