The self-service-supplier-portal from nexoma - your solution to solve the master data problems

Efficient processes for your supplier data. From procurement to customer service. The amount and frequency of the data that needs to be processed grows daily. Our solution - XS-Supplier-Portal.

You need perfect product data quality for:

  • online product presentations
  • eCommerce and online-Shops
  • Customer Service and
  • Logistics

Uniform data quality and transparent product data management

Suppliers supply the basic master data in different formats such as excel lists, text files, PDFs, CSV, XML, BMEcat. Here, both the quality and the frequency of data deliveries differ. There is a great deal of effort to uniformly integrate these into your own systems. In most cases, no uniform data quality is guaranteed. In the process, the ever more frequent data volumes have to be updated more and more frequently.

Lack of transparency - Do you have an eye on this?

  • Who has delivered what and when?
  • How good was this data set?
  • Who has still to deliver data?
  • Which was te last data set?

We have the solution for you! Our new supplier portal to unboard your supplier data easily

Therefore, nexoma now offers a new supplier portal called XS-Supplier-Portal. The system makes it easy to manage and request product data, price lists, hazardous substance information, etc.
Das Lieferantenportal bietet dem Portalbetreiber ein einfaches Lieferantenmanagement, Transparenz in Bezug auf die Datenlieferungen und automatisierte Qualitätsprüfungen. Vordefinierte erprobte Workflows erlauben mehrstufige Freigabeprozesse für Lieferanten und den Datenempfänger. Einfache Prozesse unterstützen den Dokumentenaustausch zwischen Kunde und Lieferant. Auf Basis der leistungsfähigen XS-Technologie ist das Portal flexibel konfigurierbar, Datenmodelle und Prüfungen werden nicht aufwändig programmiert, sondern konfiguriert.

Your advantages:

  • Fully automated data validation
  • Transparency of data deliveries, status and data quality
  • Supplier SelfService
  • Providing validated inhouse format
  • Flexibility with configurable data packages

Watch our explanatory video for the XS Supplier Portal here.
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You receive supplier data in the best quality!

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