Product information import for Shopware and Magento shops

The challenge
eCommerce solutions, market places, and online shops are only as good as the quality and timeliness of their product information.

Smaller online shops can sometimes still maintain their products on the backend. But when it comes to larger product numbers and increasing update frequencies this becomes almost impossible.

Data import at the push of a button without pausing operations
With Nexoma FastImport the importing of the product data is automatic, fast, and simple. It doesn't matter whether the products are simple or configurable.

Through the extraordinary methodology the import can be done without pausing operations. Downtime for the indexing of the products or the background population of a second database are done away with - and that in particular also with gigantic amounts of data.

Quantity and quality
Nexoma FastImport works well even when there are more than 1 million sets of product data. In addition to that, marketplace solutions are also provided with master data on a Magento basis.

As far as content is concerned, the Magento-attribute as well as proprietary attribute sets can be used and populated. Apart from the clean product data the category-import supplements the Magento-importer, so that product groups and hierarchies can also be imported into the shop.

Nexoma FastImport is a Magento extension. In addition to that the standard import of Magento is further utilized, so that an updating ability/ release ability is provided as standard. The product data can be also be made available individually, among other things, from the various sources, such as enterprise resource planning, ERP-System, PIM-System or catalog files like BMEcat, ETIM and various XML-structures.

Special features

  • Partial re-indexing
  • Delta-transmission
  • Attribute-import
  • Bulk data
  • Category-import
  • Handling of image data
  • Simple or configurable data
  • Connection of the soIR-Engine with Index-Actualization

Open for other systems
A completed extension installation is available for Magento, so that only the sources of the output data and the mapping to the desired Magento-attribute have to be adjusted. The use of the importers is also possible for other shop systems upon request.