Ecodesign regulations

The information portal for product characteristics according to Ecodesign regulations, REACH, etc.

The Challenge: Easy realisation of eco-design-regulations

Various regulations regulate the informational requirements for ecological- and security relevant characteristics of products with regards to both the business partners and end users. Manufactures and dealers are confronted with the challenge of having to gather all the required information and make it available to the business partners in a structured manner. The XS-Eco-Information-System is aligned with the following:

Eco-design-regulations (ErP, Energy related Products):

With the fundamental goal of strengthening the product-related protection of the environment the Eco-design-regulations 2009/125/EG of the European Union regulates among other things the informational obligations surrounding characteristics of products that are relevant for energy use. Apart from the general manufacturer data the following product data has to be provided:

  • Manufacturer article number
  • Article description
  • Energy efficiency category
  • Product type according to ErP-regulations
  • Technical detail information (definition and figures)
  • PDF-data on the labels (for each official language)
  • PDF-data on the product information page (for each official language)

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals): Regulates the obligation to provide information to business partners for the chemicals used in the products. The players in the supply chain must have comprehensive information about the identity of your material.

  • Material name and associated identifiers, appropriate molecular- and structural formula.
  • Details about the composition and the purity of the material.
  • Spectral data and analysis information for the purpose of confirming the identity and composition of the material.
  • short and clear description of the method of analysis.

Construction products regulation: Regulates the "bringing into the market" of construction products and aims to promote the security of construction work for people, animals, and the environment. Essential characteristics of the construction products have to be specified, in other words the manufacturer has to in future put together and make available a service declaration as well as provide a CE-labelling.

Drinking water regulation: Regulates the suitability of the water for human use (drinking water), the preparation, the obligations of the company and the other owners of a water treatment plant and the supervision. Against this background, among other things all material that is inserted into the drinking water system is relevant.

The solution: XS-Eco-Information-System

The XS-Eco-Information-System gathers all the required information in a flexible way and makes this available to both, the in-house systems as well as the business partners on an individual basis.

Simple data queries for business partners

The query interface can be set up individually for the business partners. The query can be done manually as well as automatically, so that means the required data can be requested both from the enterprise resource planning system over a web-service or, alternatively, from the shop through a browser. Further features emphasize the high performing nature of the system:

  • Link Integration
  • Web Service
  • Download-Service
  • Calculation for monitoring systems
  • Multilingual

Flexible system for data gathering

It even allows you to add data to the XS-Eco-Information-System. Alternatively the data suppliers can take care of the data management themselves. On top of all this there is a user-friendly self-service portal with the following functionality:

  • Individual maintenance area
  • Uploading of bulk data or individual products.
  • Uploading through a browser or by FTP
  • Automated data checking
  • Approval function

Technology/ Standards

The XS-Eco-Information-System can be operated both as a convenient cloud solution as well as single handedly. The system consists of a maintenance area, a query system, the administration and the monitoring section.

An overview of how you benefit

  • Standardized information portal for your business partners and clients.
  • Perfect in-house integration
  • Flexible integration of the data
  • Fast processing based on standards
  • Expandability: Further documents from other legal obligations can be integrated

Electronic data is our competency

Nexoma has years of professional experience in the area of electronic data communication of various disciplines such as Sanitary-Heating-Climate, Electronic-, Office- and operational installations or building material.